Scrambled Eggs and Pikelets

My obsession at the moment are pikelets, which are basically a really thin crumpet. I just love the texture of them as they are really light and delicious when toasted. Bread is one of my favourite things to eat, so I am always trying to find alternatives. I love rye bread, wholemeal thins, wraps, pitta breads and pikelets too and keep my breakfasts varied and yummy by switching up my bread source.

I had this for breakfast on Sunday morning. I love scrambled egg and tend to have it on the weekend when I can enjoy them hot and not out of a tupperware! Pikelets on the other hand are a daily staple at the moment…at any time of the day!

The details of this breakfast are as follows:

1 whole egg mixed with 150g of liquid egg whites (for more protein and volume!), scrambled in a pan with mushrooms and spinach, served with a side of raw chopped tomatoes and peppers and 2 pikelets.

This is such a simple breakfast, but so satisfying and delicious. Eggs are definitely one of my favourite foods, so versatile, tasty and healthy!



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