Homemade Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Homemade Peanut butter Protein Bars This recipe makes 16 square bars. I really fancied doing some healthy baking experimenting the other evening and wanted to try making some protein bars. This is my first attempt, so please bare with me, I may be doing some amended and tweaked versions over the next few weeks whilst... Continue Reading →


The Best Snack

The Best Snack!!   What do I snack on….well just about everything really because I love snacking and eating!! Recently though I discovered almond butter, I have no idea why I hadn’t ever tried this before, but it’s a game changer and I just love it! I am making my way through different pots and... Continue Reading →

Homemade Hobnobs

A tasty teatime treat for you biscuit lovers out there! Here is the link to the recipe I used for homemade hobnobs that I found on Pinterest. I find a lot of baking inspiration on Pinterest.  This is a great recipe as it was very easy to follow and took about 20 minutes to make... Continue Reading →

Prosecco and Lindt Flavoured Cupcakes

Prosecco and Lindt Flavoured Cupcakes Sorry for another cheeky post for a cake recipe, but I have been doing a lot of baking recently and thought I would share some more recipe ideas with you. These are prosecco flavoured! YES!!! Prosecco flavoured! How amazing?! I used my normal cupcake recipe but instead of using vanilla extract,... Continue Reading →

Baileys Birthday Cupcakes

Bailey's Birthday Cupcakes I love baking and trying new icing flavours to make and this one was one I had never tried before. These were cupcakes I made for my fiancé's Sister for her birthday and as she is a fan of Baileys, I thought I would make some Bailey's flavoured cupcakes for her. Why... Continue Reading →

Treat time! Ginger Cake

Here is a link to a recipe for a delicious and sticky ginger cake. I had never tried this recipe before, however, it was so easy to do and created such a soft and yummy cake. I will definitely be doing this again very soon!  Ginger Cake Recipe Hope you enjoy baking (and eating) this... Continue Reading →

Winner, Winner, Ombar Dinner!

I had a very happy surprise the other week as I was boarding the plane to go on holiday as I found out I was the winner of an Instagram competition I had entered a few weeks prior! I rarely win competitions and was so pleased to win one that included one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

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